Hannah Boggs

About the Book

When seventeen year old Odette Sinclair and her family move across the country to be closer to the specialized medical care she needs, she has to give up everything she knew including pursuing her passion for dance. The atrial septal defect she has keeps her isolated and, for the most part, sidelined from life as she attempts to avoid the triggers that cause her problems. As a stranger in a new town, isolated and alone, Odette dreads her monotonous daily routine and struggles to balance her health limitations with what she wants to do.  She is befriended by the famous magicians Greer and Grayson Mages and her life begins to change.  The twins show is amazing and wildly popular to the point where some say they may be the real deal, others jest they are cursed.  Odette finds herself catching the attention of Grayson and it’s hard to believe that her life could change so much in such a short time.  But, is it all too good to be true? Odette discovers that there is a lot more to the twins than she realized and needs to find the mental and physical strength to confront her demons.


The mystery and the element of suspense were kept alive until the very end and I lived for it! This is a phenomenal first novel and I cannot wait to see what Hannah Boggs has in store for Odette.” – ReadersFavorite.com


Fantastic, Engrossing Horror Novel!” – The-Librarian.com


There are so many things that Hannah Boggs does well: From character development to writing style, this book hits all the marks! Hannah Boggs’ first novel proves that she is a very talented author. Intriguing and suspenseful, this is one of those books that sticks in your mind after you put it down… and before you know it you’ve picked it back up to keep reading. Violent Delights is a prime example of paranormal fiction at its best.” – IndiesToday.com

About the Author

Hannah Boggs from South Point, Ohio, wrote the manuscript for the novel “Violent Delights” when she was 16, and completed the manuscript for the second book in the series, “Fire and Powder” before graduating high school.  She has always held a passion for reading and writing and can often be found anywhere with a book in her hand. Her favorite genres are Classic and YA Fiction.  Some of her favorite things include Audrey Hepburn movies, Paris, cats, the color pink, and anything related to Autumn and Halloween.